These are some of the comments I have received about my website and my work.
I truly like your web site, it's beautifully done, stylish and very elegant! It gives people a good idea of your excellent work. I hope I can be around for your next exhibition. Lourdes Soriano-Rouco

I'm so touched by your work, deeply touched! I love your colours, the link I feel between your Japanese roots and a more "occidental" view of life. Looking at your paintings I'm feeling like in a fairy tale. Thanks a lot for giving me such an emotion. Sigrid Decharme

The website provides a very clear window onto your work - I think the section you have written is unusually strong and I liked it very much. I think I would like to see more of your work- maybe older work in an archive.
Jonathan McCree

I think the site is a great success. It was especially lovely to see the ladders again. The wood sculptures are wonderful. Peter Hess

Love the website! The paintings come across really well. A shame there is no image of you dancing around one of your sculptures! Daljit & Katherine Nagra

Isao Miura is one of the most intriguing painters in London today. His paintings, conceived in his own distinctive palette, reflect extraordinary experience and talent, and capture dream-like images that have a magical, almost, mystical quality. Christopher Walker, CEO Christopher Walker Art